In Russia, said that Sentsov refused hospitalization for lack of disease and satisfactory conditions of detention

В России заявили, что Сенцов отказался от госпитализации из-за отсутствия болезни и удовлетворительных условий содержания

The Ombudsman of Russia Tatyana Moskalkova said that the Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov, who is in prison in the Russian city of Labytnangi, refused hospitalization because of the “absence of disease and satisfactory conditions”. She reported that the health Director is not deteriorated, he continues to prick the inner injection. This is stated in the response to the Russian Ombudsman to the appeal of the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for human rights, Lyudmila Denisova, said Denisov on Facebook.

“Tatiana Moskalkova reports that the health of Oleg is not deteriorated. He continues to prick the inner injection, as well as provide a supportive compound. Oleg again refused hospitalization in Labitnangy city hospital. He allegedly refers to the absence of disease and satisfactory conditions of detention and treatment in the medical unit of the colony. But we all know the real reason for his refusal. Because city hospital to treat him badly. He does not have proper medical care and pressured psychologically. It is a pity that again have not received detailed information regarding the health status of Oleg Sentsov and other political prisoners with the relevant supporting documents,” – said Denisov.

The Ombudsman also added that Moskalkova has refused to assist in the release of political prisoners, because they do not have such authority.

“As for the early exchange of political prisoners on which I always insist Moskalkova once again announced that it had no such powers,” – said Denisov.

We will remind that earlier the chief doctor of the hospital He threatened to tie him up and force “to stuff” medicines and artificial nutrition.

Sentenced by a Russian court to 20 years of imprisonment for allegedly planning terrorist attacks in annexed Crimea, the Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov on hunger strike for 117 days.

Its main requirement for the Russian authorities to release 64 Ukrainian political prisoners being held in Russian prisons. According to the doctors, the fourth crisis, which is characterized by organ failure, can occur at any moment.

The critical state of health of Ukrainians said at the UN, expressing concern. 5 September mother Sentsov was denied again in his pardon.

In Parliament the day before offered to nominate. to receive a Nobel peace prize.

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