In Russia withdraw 13 129 Ford Transit cars because of a defect in the seat belt

The American company Ford withdraws in Russia 13 129 cars in Transit. The reason for the service shares was the problems with the seat belt for the front passenger, was informed by Rosstandart.


Service campaign will affect cars Ford Transit, released from October 2014 to July of this year. The company found that some machines were installed seat belt that does not match configuration cars. It is noted that, depending on the presence of airbags in the event of a frontal collision the front passenger may be injured chest or hit his head on the dashboard.

Specialists in the service centers of Ford will inspect the seat belt for the modification of Transit and, if necessary, will produce its replacement. All repairs will be free for car owners.

Add that to the official website of Rosstandart was published VIN of the revoked vehicles, which owners can determine whether their car is under a service.