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With the approach of Valentine’s day, you are looking for a present to impress or seduce your loved one ? In addition to the traditional flowers and chocolates, here are a selection of gifts that might please him as much as you.

Valentine’s day is a holiday the most criticized, but beyond the commercial celebration, it represents a meaning of love for many. To make a tribute to the love that one has towards his or her partner, or the opportunity to demonstrate his interest if you’re single. A moment to stop time and let yourself be guided by, the light heart, by love and passion.

Good Valentine’s Day

Victoria’s Secret 64,95 $

Call it spring 59,99 $

Aubade 379 $

Walmart 19,97 $

Aldo 55 $

Call it Spring $11.99 a

Tanga a $ 25 Wacoal at The Bay

Infused with love, tea, “Sweet Love” 26 $ Kusmi Tea

Top heart breaker 152 $

Panties 76 $ Mary Jo

Special edition $ 9.99 a ESSIE

The Castle 18 $

Exfoliating lips 7,95 $ LUSH

Prima Donna ; shelves C to G 186 $, pants S to XXXL only $ 77

Victoria’s Secret 64,95 $

Michael Kors

The Life in Pink 49,95 $

Cups B to F $ 145 a bra
79 $ panties Simone Pérèle

Bralette 41 $

Tiffany & Co 680 $


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