In Serbia opened a Museum Latinskoi battle

In Serbia in Bezdan opening ceremony of the Museum Latinskoi battle. The event was held on Saturday, immediately after the completion of the restoration work. The celebration was attended by high-ranking officials, among which the Serbian Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic and the Russian Ambassador in Belgrade Alexander Chepurin. Also, the ceremony was attended by leaders of the autonomy of Vojvodina, the representatives of Sombor and veterans of the Second world war.


Museum Latinskoi battle is the largest memorial complex in the territory of the former Yugoslavia. There has found last eternal resting place of nearly 1,300 soldiers of the red Army who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of Yugoslavia from the Nazis. During the collapse of the country in 1990, a memorial complex was injured, but was subsequently restored by the forces of the representatives of Vojvodina.

The names of the dead soldiers sounded the peal of bells, which were given by the Croatian and the Serbian banks of the Danube. The Museum was reopened after a 15-year hiatus. Among the dead 73 years ago soldiers were not the only Soviet soldiers, but also Yugoslav partisans and underground fighters. The ceremony was attended by the famous Alexandrov ensemble. The Russian group had just arrived to Serbia on a tour. Members of the choir sang the legendary song “Holy war”, “victory Day” and “Song of aleksandrovets”. Serbian audiences have also enjoyed the academic performance of the Serbian folk songs that were popular during the First world – “Tamo daleko”.

Bacinska battle took place on 23 November 1944 and went down in history as one of the main symbols of the unity of the Soviet soldiers and Yugoslav partisans against fascist invaders. The title of Hero of the Secular Union at the end of the bloody battle for Yugoslavia received only 66 fighters, and 19 of them crossed the Danube near Batina. Another 11 people were distinguished in the battles for the city Apatin. Each encounter with the Nazis escalated into a battle for life and death. Forever remain on this earth 1297 of the red army.

During the ceremony, Russian Ambassador Alexander Chepurin expressed gratitude to the government of Serbia for the restoration of the memorial. He stressed that the restoration of the complex is a tribute to the eternal memory of the victims of Serbian and Russian soldiers-liberators. The Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabic added that Bacinska battle was the largest in the Balkans and played an important role in the final victory over fascism. The head of the Serbian government noted that the victims heroes battle Bachinskogo must not be in vain and said that it needs to strengthen relations both with the West and the East.

Still remember the heroism of soldiers and ordinary Serbs. A local native by the name of Dagan has been asked to give the Russian a nod and say that Serbs remember their sacrifice and will forever be grateful for him.