In Simferopol, the Crimean Tatar tried to commit self-immolation

  • В Симферополе крымский татарин пытался совершить акт самосожжения

  • В Симферополе крымский татарин пытался совершить акт самосожжения

In Simferopol during the protest one of the protesters tried to commit self-immolation. This is reported by “Krym.Realities”.

“One of the Crimean Tatars doused himself in flammable liquid and set yourself on fire, but the audience were able to quickly extinguish burning clothing on it. Before the arson, the man said that he is committing an act of self-immolation in protest against the arbitrariness of the authorities”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that the residents of the “glade of protest”, “Small”, which they protested against the construction of the fence, August 3 came to the building of the Kremlin-controlled the Simferopol city administration and demanded a meeting with the authorities.

It is reported that in place of the “glade of protest”, “Small”, where Crimean Tatars were building homes, the Kremlin-controlled authorities of the Crimea plan to build a new district on 9 thousand people called “Crimean rose”. In addition to residential houses, plans to build schools, kindergartens, sports complexes and shops. Now there are mostly immigrants.

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