In Smolensk region 9-year-old boy carried his sister and brothers from a burning house

In the Smolensk region, a boy of nine years was able to save his relatives from a fire. When the fire began, he was able on its own to pull out his sister and younger brothers.


The fire, which happened in Smolensk region, in Vyazma, killed the mother of the family, and a boy of nine years he managed to save his brothers and sisters. Own efforts, he was pulled from the burning home of his sister and younger brothers, rescuing their lives. By accident by burning dwellings drove the representative of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, which saw young children from a burning house. The investigator managed to bring the injured children in the emergency Department.

Medical workers reported that at the moment of life of children threatens nothing. At the scene working professionals who investigate the causes of the fire.