In St. Petersburg died the artist and poet Vladlen Gavrilchik

The artist and poet Vladlen Gavrilchik, one of the representatives of the “underground” in Soviet times, has died on 89-m to year of life on Tuesday, December 5. Told the head of Department of the newest currents of the State Russian Museum Alexander Borovsky.


Today I received a phone call in which I was told this, without exaggeration, the tragic news. He was a passionate and respected figure in St. Petersburg virtually all areas and groups. Here’s a unique personality, “said Borovsky.

He was, says the critic, “the most alone and completely independent” artist of Petersburg masters of this business, was not included in any groups and didn’t try to act from a position of ideology.

In the past he’s a sailor, a fireman, who has lived his whole life in a communal apartment. He was an artist and poet. That’s all. Without excessive clutter, “added Borowski.

Style Gavrilchik classified as primitivism, but really, I’m sure an art critic, he is a media artist. Such primitivism for the artist was not clumsy, and “optics”, which was adjusted on a wave “simple Soviet person”.