In Texas Schoolgirls circulated a sex video with their girlfriend

Three Schoolgirls from the city of Laredo, Texas, was arrested on charges of publishing an intimate video content, which depicted sexual intercourse with their underage girlfriends.

On Wednesday, Laredo police arrested three high school girls that was released on the Internet video having sex with their minor girlfriends without her consent. The video they provided the ex-boyfriend of the latter. Sex video quickly became popular on the network, gaining a large number of hits and becoming viral.

Detainees will be charged with uncovering and distributing video of intimate content with the participation of minors.

It is noted that two girls from the three arrested have already broken the law. One of them was prosecuted in August 2017 the traffic police. The other ended up in jail for assault and illegal possession of drugs.

Young criminals face up to years imprisonment or a fine of 4 thousand dollars.