In the Amur region under the ice failed car.

In the Amur region fell under the ice car with people. Inside the car were five people, three of them died.


The tragic incident happened on the river Bureya in the Amur region. Passenger cars of the Russian production went to the ice in non-Smoking areas. The driver drove along the road next to the river and at some point the car went under the ice. About this informed the representative of the regional EMERCOM of Russia Alexander Neroda.

In the “Field” there were three men and two women. The place where the car had disappeared under a layer of ice, located a hundred meters from the shoreline. The depth reaches five meters. From the sunken vehicle managed to escape only to two passengers. Three elderly people to rise to the surface failed and died. It is noted that all who were in the passenger compartment “Niva” were the residents of the village of Tver.

The bodies of the dead will retrieve the divers who have arrived to the scene of the sinking car. Work there the police and the state inspector GIMS. In the Burejskom area awaiting the arrival of psychologists.