In the Black sea found the submarine, which sank in 1909

В Черном море нашли подводную лодку, затонувшую в 1909 году

In the Black sea found the submarine, which sank in 1909
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Photo: secrethistory

After the incident, rescuers were able to raise only the bow of.

At the bottom of the Black sea near Sevastopol found the stern of a large Russian submarine “Flounder”. According to the Institute of Oriental studies Viktor Lebedinsky, the boat sank in 1909.

– Cadets of Nakhimov naval College is the place figured out. And we are using side sonar today, it is the place established as it was for many years lost. Stern is at a depth of 62 meters elevation above the bottom three meters, the location on traverse Bay Round. We plan to study the object using deep-sea robots, – quotes words of the source Agency RIA Novosti.

Submarine “Flounder” sank on may 29, 1909, during a training exercise. The incident occurred after she collided with a Russian the battleship “Rostislav”. He killed 17 sailors. That summer, the surface was raised the bow, in which were the bodies of some sailors.


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