In the case of a Hummer driver who hit and killed the child, took one of the judges

В деле водителя Hummer, который сбил насмерть ребенка, отвели одного из судей

The Kyiv court of appeals has granted the request of the defence for the recusal in the case of Kirill Ostrovsky who got killed by 10-year-old girl in a crosswalk. About this informed the lawyer of the accused Anna Litvin, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

“The case was transferred to autoRepeatDelay” she said.

The defense asked about the withdrawal of one of the judges Board because he supposedly has a family connection with the representatives of the investigation team, the report said. The trial took place without the representatives of the Prosecutor’s office. According to the lawyer, they did not wait for the prosecutors.

Date of next meeting unknown. According to media reports, on 21 September, the deadline for the detention of Ostrovsky. According to the lawyer, if before the expiration of this period, will not choose a new judge, then the defense will appeal against the remand in the court of first instance.

In addition, Lytvyn said that the Ostrovsky family morally and financially support the family of the deceased child.

We will remind, in the evening on July 24 in Kiev on bul. Lesya Ukrainka Hummer driver to death brought down the girl. After the collision he fled the scene but was soon detained. The driver was charged with “Violation of traffic rules, entailed death” and “wilful abandonment of persons in danger.”

The Prosecutor’s office earlier reported that the driver passed the test on Drager and provided urine, but refused to provide other biological samples for a comprehensive assessment regarding the possible use of narcotic substances. In this regard, the Prosecutor’s office appealed to court with the petition for compulsory confiscation Basescu. Later the suspect took biological samples.

3 Aug driver Kirill Ostrovsky was arrested.

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