In the center of Kiev appeared a mural with an owl and book

В центре Киева появился мурал с совой и книгой

Kiev artist Vitaly Gedevan created a mural depicting the owl’s head over an open book. Graffiti appeared in the city center on the wall of a residential house at the address: St. kruglouniversitetskaya, 7, reports “Today”.

The work on this wall pattern continued for five days. Gedevan noted that at its creation took more than 35 cans of spray paint.

“The owl is the symbol of wisdom, it seems to be leafing through the book. Huge universe is hidden in the pages of books. We are affiliated with them from birth: the ABCs, fairy tales, and soon the exciting world of science, fantasy and love… They give you the opportunity to plunge into another dimension, to live a new life. Reading the same book, each is its own story. This wealth of knowledge gives great power for the accomplishment of the greatest discoveries, incredible buildings and heroic deeds,” – said Vitaly Gedevan.

The artist said that wove into the arrangement drawing, the symbols of his biography. The number of pages in the book that turn into birds, symbolize the 11 years during which he engaged in graffiti.

В центре Киева появился мурал с совой и книгой

We will remind, spring of this year Gedevan created the graffiti birds of rollers on the Sevastopol area, and figure lynx surrounded by blue birds on St. Azerbaijan, 16.

As previously reported, in Kiev, residents of flats ruined mural insulation. And last month in Kharkov created a massive graffiti with the Cossacks.

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