In the center of Nikolaev three guys abused 12-year-old girl

В центре Николаева трое парней надругались над 12-летней девочкой

The criminals managed to detain hot on the trail

In the night of Thursday, June 14, in the center of Nikolaev two guys raped a 12-year-old girl.

The police called the man who said that in the yard on Central Ave. is the girl in bloody clothes, which asks for help and claims to have over committing her violent acts. Also, a man saw the two fleeing young people, the Department of communication of the police of the Nikolaev area, reports

Arrived at the patrol learned from victim that she and her attackers went to trade school and quickly went to view the video from surveillance cameras.

After receiving a detailed description of the appearance, within an hour police found the location and detained near the crime scene boys, who continued to drink alcoholic beverages. Their clothes had stains of blood, so no doubt the patrol about their involvement in the Commission of rape was not.

All three nikolayevets, two 18 and one 21-year-old, the police was taken to the Central police Department. According to the detainees, and 12-year-old victim, previously it is established that they met in a Park in the city centre, together drank alcoholic drinks, and then bought more alcohol, went to the nearest yard of apartment buildings. There, after two intruders took advantage of the helpless condition of the victim, and committed against her violent actions, the intentions of the third prevented passers-by. The issue of the announcement of suspicion.

The victim receives the necessary medical care.