In the desert of Egypt have found a mysterious temple

В пустыне Египта нашли таинственный храм

In Egypt, archaeologists discovered the ruins of a Greco-Roman temple, including part of the basement, the main entrance and front courtyard. About it reports “Today”.

This discovery, which experts are already calling significant, was made in the Western desert of Egypt in place of al-Salam, about 322 km South from the shores of the Mediterranean sea.

Experts are continuing the excavation, said that there are always new artifacts: pottery, coins, sculptures and patterned wall posts. Also found two statues of lions made of limestone.

This is a rare opening, as in Egypt, so often find entire temples. In addition, it sheds light on the mysteries of Siwa oasis, one of the most isolated Egyptian villages. In particular, artifacts can be traced back as the Greek rule was replaced by Roman.