In the Donetsk region, 10 schools have suspended work because of the proximity to the combat zone

В Донецкой обл. 10 школ приостановили работу из-за близости к зоне боевых действий

In the Donetsk region, 10 schools have suspended work because of the proximity to the combat zone. This was announced by Chairman of the Donetsk regional military-civil administration Alexander CuCl in Facebook.

“Because of the proximity to the combat zone suspended the work of the 10 institutions of secondary education: three – in Volnovakha district, two in Avdeevka, Maryinka, Yasynuvata districts, and maryinskaya boarding school of regional municipal property,” – said KUCI.

At the same time Kuzi said he will open four renovated supporting schools: in Ugledar, Dobropole, Konstantinovka and Mariupol.

Thus, in the region will operate for 16 reconstructed reference agencies (12 was opened during 2017-2018). Another 12, including at the final stage of Kramatorsk gymnasium, Yanpolskaya and Mangutskaya school.

In General, controlled by the Ukrainian authorities of the Donetsk region will open the 522 institutions of secondary education where will study 160 thousand students, including 8 800 – temporarily displaced from the occupied territory. The first class will come 17,8 thousand, 17 thousand 600 of them will study in the Ukrainian language.

Along the line of differentiation in so-called grey area is 113 institutions education: kindergarten 53, 54 schools, 6 schools and a boarding school. They trained 15 thousand 303 of the child.

As reported, according to the agreements of the TAG in Minsk, from midnight on 29 August, the Donbass has started “school” a truce.

However, according to the press center of the OOS, the militants violated the truce in the first minute, and fired at Ukrainian military positions with heavy machine guns near settlements Talakivka and Hnutove.

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