In the Donetsk regional state administration with 2013 avoid addressing the issue of construction of treatment facilities in the village novodonets’ke village Council

В Донецкой ОГА с 2013 года избегают решения вопроса строительства очистных сооружений в пгт Новодонецкое, - поселковый совет

In the village Council Novodonetska said that the question of sewage treatment plants in the village is a problem for a long time – in 2013, the community received the complex to the balance. “Company Water of Donbas” after 50 years, and even then he was so worn (98%), which is to repair it made no sense.

Back in 2013 due to the persistent appeals of village head, Aksenov A. A. 30.05.2013 g. Donetsk regional Council was included in the Plan of action for the protection of the natural environment in Donetsk oblast in 2013-2020 construction of prefabricated wastewater treatment facilities in the village novodonets’ke.

In 2017, the village head appealed to the Director of the Department of environment and natural resources Nitroso S. P. on the issue of construction of treatment facilities that Nitrus said that to consider the issue of funding the construction of treatment facilities in the village is premature.

In the same year, addressed this problem to people’s Deputy Oleg Nedava, Deputy head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on environmental policy. Local authorities reported that the planned in 2013, 9.3 million UAH from the regional budget has not been allocated, and asked me to help with addressing the issue of construction of new treatment facilities. In fairness I must say that since 2013, after the adoption of water and sewage in municipal property of the community progress is noticeable: the supply of drinking water is almost around the clock, water and sewage does not flow through the streets of the village, covered with lids of all manholes cleaned and repaired networks, etc.

As at date, the village Council develops their own design documentation, but without the help of regional and state budgets to solve the problem of construction of sewage treatment plants impossible.

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