In the hands of Ukrainians, more than 800 thousand. firearms – police

На руках у украинцев более 800 тысяч. единиц огнестрельного оружия, - полиция

According to the National police, the Ukrainians at the hands of officially registered more than 800 thousand units of firearms. It is reported by DW with reference to the answer of the National police in response to your request.

As at July 31, 2018 the property of citizens of Ukraine were 892 854 firearms. In the statistics we are talking about was hunting rifled and smoothbore weapons.

Under the smooth-bore hunting weapon the police based on a traditional hunting rifle, mainly dostoinye – the so-called “shotgun”, the shotgun. Under a rifle refers to, for example, civilian versions of Kalashnikov rifles, sniper rifles, rifled hunting rifles. According to Ukrainian legislation, every citizen of Ukraine who has reached the age of 18, subject to obtaining special permits and compliance with procedures may acquire long-barreled hunting weapons, the use of which is allowed only in hunting game.

For comparison, at the end of 2016 in the accounting departments of the police there were over 920 thousand units of firearms.

However, the actual number of weapons can be considerably more. According to estimates of the “Ukrainian Association of gun owners”, at least 1.5 million Ukrainians have 2.5 units of only one of the registered weapon, that is weapons, which at least once have passed the registration procedure and registration in the interior Ministry. The procedure of re-registration of weapons every owner should be held every three years.

According to the American analytical company Small Arms Survey, in 2017 at the hands of the population in Ukraine in total there were about 4.4 million units of legal and illegal weapons.

As reported, in Kiev in the apartment, the police found an Arsenal of weapons.

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