In the Holos Ukrainy published the law on the collective ownership of land

В Голосе Украины опубликовали закон о коллективной собственности на землю

Law No. 2498-VIII on collective ownership of land published in the official parliamentary newspaper “Voice of Ukraine”. It will enter into force on 1 January 2019.

The document stipulates that from the beginning of 2019 land terminated the collective agricultural enterprises (except those which will be in private ownership) are considered property of turabdin on whose territory are located. On the basis of this law, to register the title and communal ownership of the land.

In addition, if before January 1, 2025, the owner of the unclaimed share or his heir has not issued the right of ownership, it is believed that he refused to receive the land. But if the heir was not able to execute documents for valid reasons, the court may give more time to it.

If not, Pai transferred to the municipal property of Teresina as abandoned. Within seven years it will not be transferred to private ownership.

If the owners of units after the distribution of lands subject to Paiania, until the beginning of 2019 has not made a decision about the distribution of other lands that remained in the collective ownership of collective agricultural enterprise, cooperative, discontinued as a legal entity joint stock company, the distribution of such lands is carried out with the consent of the majority in accordance with the law. To organize the distribution of such land should be a village, town or city Council. To complete the process, you need to start the year 2025.

In the Land code stipulated that land plots of agricultural purpose can be used for commodity agricultural production without changing the purpose of land.

In addition, land owners can share them. The main condition – the value of the lands should be approximately equal with an allowable difference of up to 10%.

You can even share rented land, and do not always need the consent of the owner. So, the owners and tenants of lands within the array can enter into contracts for the lease or sublease of preserving appropriate time. The tenant remains responsible for the execution of the lease. The land owner must inform you about the decision.

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law on 10 July by the 236 MPs. The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed the document in August.

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