In the Instagram will soon be a standalone app for sending messages

A handy messaging feature inside Instagram, which everyone knows as Direct, can become a standalone application. About it writes the edition VistaNews.


One of the developers of products for Instagram, expressed his company’s desire to become a part of the life of each user of the application. To do this, they decided to separate Direct from the main application and develop it to a full independent programs to exchange messages. As beta Direct will appear in Chile, Italy, Uruguay, Israel, Portugal and Turkey. Some users have dubbed the program a variation of the Messenger.

The principle of operation is similar to Snapchat and it is available only three main functions. Of benefits, as experts say, it is possible to identify four unique filter for your camera. In addition, scrolling through a few times right in the app Direct you can go to Instagram, without going to the home screen of the smartphone. Experts estimate the success of the project as very high.