In the Internet appeared the video of stalkers walking through the prison “Crosses”

A month before the official opening of the detention facility “Crosses”, located in St. Petersburg, which was previously a single jail, in the Internet appeared the video that demonstrates the stalkers, who explored the interior of the prison.


Channel Urban World that have 799 subscribers to the world famous video hosting YouTube, on November 12 was published the video of the adventures of stalkers on the interior of the St. Petersburg remand prison “Crosses”. In addition to bathrooms and security of rooms, captured on video, stalkers were able to detect a hidden bomb shelter located directly beneath the buildings of the main building. The person who recorded the video in the “Cross” claim that the planned “relocation” of prisoners offenders and employees of a sensitive facility is not effected within the prescribed period. According to them, until mid-December, the facility is unlikely to be put into full operation.

It is worth noting that the video stalkers showed the interior of the prison, which houses items tracking with monitors, showing images from surveillance cameras isolated lattice built for the detention of especially dangerous entities, or Arsenal and other components of the insulator.