In the Internet appeared the video, which shows inappropriate behavior and Harvey Weinstein

В сети появилось видео, на котором показано неуместное поведение Харви Вайнштейна

The British TV channel Sky News published the video, which shows inappropriate behavior and Harvey Weinstein.

On the recording, which was made in 2011 on the webcam of the laptop producer’s flirting and repeatedly touching the actress and businesswoman Melissa Thompson, who had previously accused him of harassment.

As told Thompson, she came to the office Weinstein Company for a business meeting. The girl expected it will be in the marketing Department, however, Weinstein decided to meet Melissa. Harvey closed the door behind him and told the staff not to bother them.

In the beginning of the meeting, Thompson offered him a handshake, but he pushed her hand, hugged and began to massage the back. The video also shows how the woman herself several times Winsten leans over and touches his shoulder.

According to Thompson, the end of the meeting, Weinstein offered her talks in the neighbouring hotel, where he later allegedly raped her. The producer has denied all the charges.

As previously reported, the victim Harvey Weinstein actress Asia Argento was accused of harassment.

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