In the Kharkiv region, several dozen people blocked the checkpoint on the border

В Харьковской обл. несколько десятков человек блокировали работу пункта пропуска на границе

At the checkpoint “goptovka” in the Kharkiv region dozens of civilians tried to enter the premises of the state border service and to block the work of border guards. About it reports a press-the centre of the gpsu.

It is reported that last night through this checkpoint left two cars of Volkswagen in the Polish room with the Ukrainians behind the wheel. Having passed all the controls are already on the outskirts of the checkpoint, the drivers turn around and go back.

The border guards explained to the drivers that they thus violated the regime of passage of the checkpoint, as well as noted that in case of reversal will be cancelled information about crossing the border. However, the men began to behave aggressively and to ignore the demands of the guards. For this they were detained, to make procedural documents.

A few hours to the checkpoint came a few dozen people who demanded a meeting with the detainees and tried to get into the premises. They blocked the guards.

“During such a provocative action was carried out unauthorized video to discredit the border and, as previously established, it was planned with the involvement of former employees of the border detachment”, – stated in the message of the SBS.

The incident was reported to the police. After the interview some people left the checkpoint, others were handed over to representatives of Ukraine.

Earlier in the Sumy region on the territory of Ukraine illegally broke the car of the Russian Federation.

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