In the Khmelnitsky region. the teenager in the hand grenade exploded

  • В Хмельницкой обл. у подростка в руках взорвалась граната

  • В Хмельницкой обл. у подростка в руках взорвалась граната

In Starokonstantinov of Khmelnytsky region 14-the summer teenager in the hands of the grenade, the guy was away from his father, who returned from the war zone. About this podolica on sit of national police Hlinecko.

The guy injured a hand and the rubble of a damaged fuse in the lower limb.

The tragedy occurred this morning. Neighbors heard a sound like an explosion and then saw the bloodied teenager who ran out into the yard and asked to call an ambulance.

Now law enforcement officers are on the scene and establish the circumstances under which the child was injured, and also searching for the boy’s father.

According to preliminary conclusions of experts of explosive service GUNP in the Khmelnitsky region, in the hands of the schoolboy blown fuse uzrgm (all-purpose hand grenade fuse modified).

As reported in the center of Kiev on the side of the street passers-by found the grenade f-1.

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