In the labour market there is a shortage of employees of working professions, experts

Experts say that now in the labor market there is a shortage of sotrudnikov working specialties. And that is growing demand from employers. About it reports “5 channel”.

“In total we have around 100 thousand jobs, then every tenth, ninth is the production. Each of the eleventh to fifteenth is the construction and the like. That is 10-15 thousand jobs per month – it is only, so to speak, the part of the iceberg that we see you post on the site,” – said in the story Tatyana Pashkina, HR-expert company

According to her, now on the production staff of the state exceeds 25-30%. Among the reasons for such shortfalls including labour migration. The so-called “blue collar” of Ukraine’s most in demand abroad. However, says the specialist, working conditions were at times difficult.

“Everyone understands that in Poland, the Czech Republic work means ten to twelve-hour working day. With the output case. And about “work and life balance” and say nothing. Here, we have a little different everything is organized and therefore wages are lower,” explained Pashkina.

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