In the Lviv region. a car knocked down a cyclist

Во Львовской обл. автомобиль насмерть сбил велосипедиста

In the Lviv region on 17 August at 21:35 between the villages of Turynka and Bojnec in Zhovkva district 61-year-old resident of Chervonohrad on the car, making overtaking maneuver, drove into oncoming traffic, where it collided with the cyclist, 49-year-old resident of Zhovkva district. This was reported on the website of the state of Ukraine in Lviv region.

From his injuries, the bicyclist died on the scene.

Police establish the circumstances of the accident, the issue of opening of criminal proceedings.

Earlier it was reported that on 17 August in Poland, in Podkarpackie Voivodeship road traffic accident Ukrainian bus with tourists. In the accident three people were killed and 51 people injured. In place immediately left the Ukrainian Consul. It is established that all the dead and injured in the accident – the Ukrainians.

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