In the Lvov area from-for absence of electricity in the network was delayed a number of passenger trains

Во Львовской области из-за отсутствия электричества в сети задержались ряд пассажирских поездов

In the Lviv region the night before had been delayed several passenger trains due to the lack of electricity in a contact network. This was reported in the Department of civil protection of the regional state administration.

“On August 25 at 23:25 from the duty of the Lviv Directorate of railway transportation, it was reported that at 21:46 because of the lack of current in the contact network at station “Krasne” Lviv railway at the entrances to the station there was a delay of passenger trains, namely train “Lviv–Zolochiv,” the passenger train “Ivano-Frankivsk–Nikolaev” passenger train “Lviv – Odessa” train “Kyiv–Lviv”, intercity passenger train “Kyiv– Lviv”, – said in the RSA.

Electricity supply was resumed after an hour, respectively, so much time was the delay in movement of trains. Circumstances of incident are established.

Earlier Lviv passengers for more than an hour blocked a train path because of an insufficient number of seats in the train. The block was discontinued after adding additional trains.

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