In the Ministry of energy told about the critical condition of flooded mines in Luhansk region

В Минэнергетики рассказали о критическом состоянии подтопленных шахт в Луганской области

From September 2015, the flooded mine “may day” because of the fighting she has failed the power supply system. This “Public radio” was told in the Ministry of energy and coal industry.

Mine “golubovskiy” flooded from October 24, 2016. As reported mass media, there exists the threat of sudden breakthrough of water from the flooded mine “Pervomayskaya”.

“Prior to the termination of pumping water mine “golubovskiy” performed the functions of group sumps for mines Kirov-Golubovska group. Currently, the level of rise of water is 25.0 meters above the level of horizon, the flow of water toward the mine “Pervomayskaya”, and behind it – mine “Rodina” and “gold”.

According to the Ministry, in April 2018, the mine is “Golden” state enterprise “Pervomayskugol” constantly pumped inflow water volume 600-640 m3/h. However, on 5 April, the flow of water gradually began to increase.

“In the last week of April, the inflow has increased significantly and amounted to 900-940 m3/h and pumping water was on the verge of the technical capabilities of the current dewatering of the mine. With the increase of water production, control and measurement of inflow are carried out at the mine every day”, – stressed in the Department.

On may 2 of this year, the water inflow suddenly reached 2000 m3/h and due to the limited capacity of drainage complex of the mine “gold” began its uncontrolled flooding, reports media. On mine works on coal mining and the passage of the mining stopped. The Commission establishes causes of accident of the first category. Put into effect the emergency plan.

“As of the moment already flooded the horizon 865 meters with the prepared mining of the 2nd North lava of the reservoir l6, and the horizon is 775 meters (camera power substations and drainage). Electricity horizon 775 meters discontinued. Considering the actual condition of flooding, to use for pumping water horizon 775 m is impossible,” – said in response.

The Ministry of energy and coal industry noted that the rate of raising the water level monitored. According to officials, are now trying to accelerate the purchase of equipment to enhance the dewatering of the mine complex on the horizon 600 and 687 meters. The Director of the mine “gold” approved measures for safe execution of works aimed at elimination of an emergency.

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