In the Nikolaev region. raging bull is seriously wounded two men, Trampled and raised horns

В Николаевской обл. бешеный бык серьезно ранил двух мужчин: Топтал и поднимал на рога

In snigirevke of the Nikolaev area the patient with rabies bull attacked two people and seriously injured them. The victims were hospitalized and required surgical intervention. Currently they are in hospital, their life already threatens nothing. This was reported on the website of the state of national police of the Nikolaev region.

On 7 August, at seven in the morning to the police, a woman called and asked to rescue her husband and the neighbor from the home of a bull, which suddenly attacked them, began to trample them in the yard and raise the horns. The hostess closed the house and waited for help.

Two police officers, senior divisional officer of police and the inspector of the emergency response team of the police patrol, which arrived promptly on the call, seeing it as a feral animal attacks on helpless men, used government-issue firearms.

Eight shots made by the police, but was only able to distract the animal from his victims to himself.

Angry bull continued to destroy everything in its path, trying to break out of the yard of a private house on the street. Fearing that the bull will be able to escape and attack other residents, law enforcement officers called to the aid of a local hunter.

Militiamen before the arrival of the hunter gave the animal to run out from the yard. After a few hours of the eleventh well-aimed shot with buckshot bull weighing more than 800 kg were neutralized.

According to the results of carried out examination it was found that the bull was sick with rabies.

As reported, on the border with Russia in Chernihiv region defused a rabid raccoon.

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