In the Odessa region court declared illegal the expulsion of the Roma from Loshchynivka

В Одесской обл. суд признал незаконным изгнание ромов из Лощиновки

The Odessa district administrative court declared illegal the signing of the rural head Viktor Paskalova “decision No. 1 of gathering of the villagers Loshchynivka” the eviction of the Roma community from the village. This was reported by lawyer Julia Lisova, reports the edition “Duma”.

This decision partially satisfied the claim of the Roma. The court refused to declare illegal the inaction of the police when romskoy community was expelled from the settlement. Also, the plaintiffs were denied compensation.

“This decision is important not only for the seven specific plaintiffs in this case. It is a signal to everyone in Ukraine who believe that Roma can with impunity to evict, to expel, to chase, to kill just because they are Roma and someone doesn’t like you,” said the lawyer.

Recall that 26 Aug 2016 local resident of Loshchynivka found in one of the abandoned houses the body of girls born in 2007 with obvious signs of violent death. In the crime, local residents suspected the 20-year-old rum. On suspicion in murder it was detained by the police. Opened criminal proceedings under article “Premeditated murder of an infant, combined with rape and violent satisfaction of sexual passion in the unnatural way”. The court is still going.

After the arrest of the Roma, 27-28 August, about 300 people gathered at the village gathering, where they decided to evict the Roma. The village head Viktor Paskalov signed “decision No. 1 of gathering of the villagers Loshchynivka”, the locals began to RAID homes of the Roma communities to which they belong and the suspect. Then the police agreed to evict the Roma from the village Loshchynivka at the request of local communities. The head of the Izmail RGA Valentin Stoykov said that the expulsion of the Roma is “not under the law”, however, the network has published a photo, as Roma took away their belongings from the village.

June 15, 2018, seven Romani families who were expelled from the village, filed a lawsuit. According to them, Paskalov has violated several articles of the Constitution of Ukraine (part 2 article. 19, 21, 24, 26, 33) and a number of articles (articles 4, section 1, part 4, article 42, paragraph 5 of article 42) of the law of Ukraine “About local government” when signed “decision No. 1 of gathering of the villagers Loshchynivka”.

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