In the Philippines, found a six-meter hairy monster

На Филиппинах нашли шестиметрового волосатого монстра

In the Philippines, found a six-meter hairy monster
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Photo: ViralPress

Local residents complain about the very bad smell of the carcass.

On one of the beaches of San Antonio found the remains of an unknown sea-monster. Decomposed carcass right on the shore. According to The Independent, the length of the fish reaches six meters.

He smells as if from another planet. I had to experience the full force of his stench, because I took the tissue samples. I almost threw up. Then I took a bath and feel slightly better. That smell haunts me still, – said fish inspector VOX Crusada.

Local authorities decided to get rid of smelly carcasses. It is assumed that the remains belong to a whale, which has long decomposed.


In Australia found the 150-pound fish.

On the beach Moore Park Beach in Queensland has found an unusual fish-monster with a length of about two meters and weighing about 150 pounds. To determine what the fish have not yet succeeded.