In the Poltava region. burning dump fire captured 8 acres of waste

В Полтавской обл. горит свалка, огнем охвачено 8 соток с отходами

In the Poltava region is burning dump solid waste. This reports the press service of Goschs.

As specified in the report, the fire started today around 8:45 on-site landfill near Peschanoe, Kremenchug district. The total fire area is 0.08 hectare.

According to the fire, currently burning four the hearth to a depth of burnouts up to 1 meter.

It should be noted that the total area of the landfill is 6 ha, depth of debris up to 3 m.

To extinguish the fire brought 5 pieces of equipment and 13 personnel 14-th, 15-th and 16-th state fire and rescue parts.

“Also involved 2 vehicles and 2 employees from the local utility company”, – added in the message.

A firefighter helps that at a distance of 700 meters from the fire is a lake of it, they are drawing water.

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