In the ranks of the SBU identified the enemy agent – Gritsak

В рядах СБУ выявили вражеского агента, - Грицак

The security service of Ukraine has identified the agent who cooperated with Russian special services. This was announced by the head of the SBU Basil Gritsak, reports “Radio Freedom”.

“We found in their ranks, so to speak, of the mole. This “mole” worked, detained, udokumentowane. The measure of restraint – detention. We have got a lot of things, unfortunately, which we check for possible involvement in the Russian intelligence services as a security personnel and other citizens of Ukraine who work or serve in other institutions and paramilitary groups,” he said.

According to him, August 18, the suspect chose a measure of restraint in form of arrest.

Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine there are persons that can be involved by the Russian side to carry out terrorist attacks. It was documented that intelligence services of the Russian Federation plans a series of terrorist attacks in Ukraine. Were obtained evidence that the Russian security services have compiled a list of potential targets of terrorist attacks.

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