In the river of collectors took away half a million hryvnias

  • В Днепре у инкассаторов отобрали полмиллиона гривен

  • В Днепре у инкассаторов отобрали полмиллиона гривен

Monday, August 13, at the river street Space intruders on Mitsubishi Lancer with the numbers “Wedding” attacked a VAZ 2106 and took the occupants of the men half a million hryvnia. About it reports the local edition “Informant”.

According to eyewitnesses, the two men went to the WHA in outlets and collected money for products sold. When they took the proceeds in the cigarette kiosk at the bus stop on a Space and was going to leave the next address, they were attacked.

According to law enforcement officers, in the attack, a fight ensued and in the end the attackers, threatening with a subject similar to a pistol, took the money and went down Space.

“The driver of VAZ rushed to catch up with Mitsubishi. But far from leaving, he could not – in the Parking lot, through which he went, VAZ faced with “the Muscovite”. In road accident nobody suffered”, – noted in the publication.

After the robbery, the city declared the plan “Interception”, which was later canceled.

The robbers car while we failed to find.

We will remind that on the eve of the Shevchenko district of Kiev on the street Shcherbakovskaya robbed a pawnshop and shot his guard.

Also note that the TV channel “112 Ukraine” the eyewitness of incident has sent a video which recorded the moment of a robbery of a pawnshop. Previously published photos from the scene of the crime.

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