In the Rostov region, the hunters shot three rabid foxes

In one of the hunting farms in the Rostov region the hunters managed to shoot three rabid foxes. Since the beginning of this year the incident was the 31st case of the manifestations of rabies in animals in the region.


The incident occurred in Zimovnikovskogo district of Rostov region in Ilyichevsk hunting. Vladimir Zhilin, head of the station to combat animal diseases, said that this year was carried out vaccination against rabies more than 414 thousand cattle and more than 310 thousands of cats and dogs. Zhilin also noted that in the various hunting grounds in the region have placed more than 650 thousand of different baits designed to vaccinate wild carnivores of the animal world.

Note that experts recommend to inhabitants of the Rostov region to vaccinate their Pets against rabies not less than once per year because the disease is fatal.