In the Simferopol FSB searched the house of the participants of the Ukrainian cultural center Olga Pavlenko

В Симферополе ФСБ обыскивает дом участницы Украинского культурного центра Ольги Павленко

In occupied Simferopol about 6:40 a.m. officers of the FSB of Russia came with a search warrant to the home of a member of the Ukrainian cultural center (TCC) in the Crimea Olga Pavlenko. It is reported Krimsky human rights group in Facebook.

FSB officers carried out a search at the solution to the so-called “the Kiev district court of Simferopol. In the house together with Olga Pavlenko is her husband.

In April 2018, the members of the Ukrainian cultural center in the Crimea, Elena Popova and Olga Pavlenko called the senior assistant Prosecutor of Simferopol Alexey Puchkov, who was interested in the work of the centre and the newspaper “Crimean tern”.

Caused by used the right not to testify against themselves and their families. Such talks, Russian security forces carried out by members of the center previously reported the Crimean human rights group.

As reported by “the Crimea.Reality,” friends of Olga Pavlenko connects the search of her home with discharge information about the work of Pro-Russian website “Russian Spring”.

“The search, she waited for a few weeks. Once in early August about its position and activities in the ECC written on this website. She received calls from unknown numbers. Not threatened, but rather had a psychological pressure,” said her friend.

As reported, on August 27 in Armyansk the FSB detained Crimean Tatar.

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