In the South of France the car drove into a crowd, there are victims

На юге Франции автомобиль въехал в толпу, есть пострадавшие

In the South of France, the man driving the car crashed into the crowd. Reported by the Associated Press.

The incident happened yesterday, on Friday, September 14, at Nimes, at the annual festival of the grape harvest.

The police said that the traffic barriers were able to stop the car. Two people were hit-and-run minor injuries, seriously nobody has suffered.

The driver was arrested at the scene. Motives of a crime yet – the man was hospitalized, and question him so far failed. Witnesses to the accident say that the driver at the time of hitting shouting “Allah Akbar”.

Earlier, a car drove into a crowd in the city of Hengyang in South-East China. Nine people were killed and 46 were injured.

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