In the steppe Crimea is gone 70% green cover, which was before the occupation, – Grymchak

В степном Крыму исчезло 70% зеленого покрова, который был до оккупации, - Грымчак

About 70% of green cover of the steppe Crimea, which was in 2013, is gone. In an interview with “Crimea inform” said the Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories Yury Grymchak.

“We can say that the condition is catastrophic. Our satellite images show that in fact, today, 70% of green cover of the steppe Crimea or disappeared completely, or do not match the state it was in 2013. We compare the images that were before me and who is now, and see that the Crimea has to go back to the state when its development Ukraine has not started yet. That is, until the state of the 50-ies of the last century,” said Grymchak.

According to him, disappear not only acreage, but also forest plantations, orchards, vineyards.

“But the main problem is the sharp deterioration of soil quality. The frantic pace is the salinity of the fertile layers,” – said the Deputy Minister.

He noted that this occurs from a lack of water on the Peninsula.

“Yes. After the water of the North Crimean channel has ceased to flow on the Peninsula, sharply – literally on the order – reduced the area of irrigated land. At the same time the occupation authorities sharply increased the use of artesian water from wells. But the fact that deeper layers are deposited, the salt marshes… Well used before, before the occupation, but very carefully, keeping the balance, because the water from these wells is already mineralized. Now the balance is broken”, – summed up the Hrymchak.

Recall that Grymchak reported that as of November 2017 in the occupied territories of Donbass 80% of drinking water sources unusable due to high salinity.

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