In the suburbs the woman took the kittens up to 2.5 million rubles

Expensive in all senses of Pets looking for their owner from the suburbs. As said the mistress of the elite breed kittens Savannah F1, she was kidnapped animals on the street in broad daylight.


At the inhabitant of Moscow suburbs has kidnapped the kittens, snatched from the hands of the carrier, the attackers fled in an unknown direction. Unknown knew that each kitten is worth more than half a million rubles. For the life of each pet, the woman struggled for about a month, the kittens were born very weak and almost died. And as soon as they began to recover, they were abducted.

The woman suspects that the kittens stole the girl who brought her cat to overexposure to her apartment. Cat seduced cat and soon she gave birth to 5 wonderful kids. After a while the owner of the cat began to demand money for the kittens, the owner of the cats did not refuse, but the woman did not announced the exact amounts.

In the end, the owner of the animals so it’s not about what have not agreed.
And later the owner of the cat asked me to stand on the street to show kittens, and after, probably her friend, grabbed the carrier with the kittens and ran away.