In the Swedish zoo killed reptiles 500

The staff of the Swedish zoo had to load about 500 reptiles in liquid nitrogen.

According to sources, in March, in Liberate the police found in the abandoned store a large number of animals held illegally by smugglers. Eventually rescued two crocodiles, turtles 67, 760 lizards, 18 snakes and 11 frogs. The whole menagerie was transferred to the Kolmarden zoo near norrköping. In order to provide a comfortable life for animals the zoo has spent 100 thousand crowns. Residents of Sweden have heard about the news, volunteered to take animals to him, but due to the fact that it was not possible to establish the origin of reptiles and amphibians, in the hands of private persons to pay them could not.

50 helmet-headed of the animals distributed in zoos across Europe, and the rest slew, by placing in liquid nitrogen. Swiss citizens expressed their discontent and was ready at any moment to shelter reptiles. The vet center Bengt Reken hastened to reassure the upset people and reported that this method is the most humane method of killing animals used around the world.