In the Ternopil region were kidnapped and forcibly treated people in psychorehabilitation center

В Тернопольской обл. похищали и принудительно лечили людей в психореабилитационном центре

A group of hackers, composed of four persons on the territory of the Ternopil district organized the activities of the so-called psychorehabilitation center for the provision of treatment services by the substance abuse, alcohol addiction and gambling addiction. About it reports a press-service GU of the NP in the region.

“Advertising campaign of the centre called “Your independence” through social media, handing out leaflets on the street, brought a steady and considerable income. A month stay at the centre cost from ten to thirty thousand. And the attackers deliberately delayed treatment for a long period”, – told the police.

After the so-called treatment patients complained of deterioration of state of health.

According to preliminary data, the attackers used for the treatment of their patients powerful drugs. The relatives of the victims argued that rehabilitation should continue, because this is a long process. Detectives found that there were cases when people for nine months are not released on the street, holding in a stuffy room where the Windows were tightly boarded up.

Among the “services” psychorehabilitation institutions were and push patients: a man was taken from the house, loaded the car and took them to the center. For this service also paid those who wanted healing to his family. It cost within two or two and a half thousand hryvnias”, – told the Deputy chief of GU NP in the Ternopil oblast Vladimir Gulevich.

В Тернопольской обл. похищали и принудительно лечили людей в психореабилитационном центре

The organizers of the criminal group was the couple from the capital. Previous convictions for rape and drug crimes 39-the summer inhabitant of Kiev together with his 32-year-old wife was shot in one of villages of the Ternopol area the private room.

The attackers, having no medical or psychological education or licenses for medical practice, began to “heal” people. After some time, criminal activity was joined by 33-year-old resident of the Volyn region and 25-year-old resident of Ternopil region.

According to Vladimir Gulevich, a criminal gang is already declared suspicion in Commission of the criminal offense provided by part 3 of article 146 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (Illegal imprisonment or kidnapping). The court elected a measure of restraint – detention. Attackers could face up to ten years imprisonment. Now proceed it is investigative-expeditious actions.

Earlier in Brovary several patients of the rehabilitation center told the police about false imprisonment.

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