In the Transcarpathian region in the shootout injured the chief of a frontier post

В Закарпатской области в результате перестрелки ранен начальник пограничной заставы

In the urban village of Great Bychkov, Rakhiv district, Transcarpathian region local residents shot the major, the chief of the frontier. This local edition М told in the Main Department of the national police.

The news of the attack law enforcement officers received yesterday, around 19:00 PM from the inspector of a border service who said that he was beaten by the mayor, the chief of the frontier.

Investigative team found on the ground that there was a conflict between the chief of the frontier, born in 1989, and two local residents – a resident of the village of Great Bychkov, born in 1994, and a resident of Rakhiv, born in 1981.

During the conflict, which now appears, the man from Rakhiv shot at the guard from officially registered lethal weapons “Viy” (weapon with rubber bullets – ed.). He made 2 shots, resulting in a border police officer were injured.

According to doctors, he had a closed craniocerebral injury, brain concussion, fractured cheekbones, a single bullet wound to the chest. The man was admitted to the hospital.

On this fact openly criminal proceedings under part 3 of article 345 of the criminal code of Ukraine, namely the intentional infliction of a law enforcement Agency of serious bodily injury in connection with the performance of his duties, which envisages imprisonment from 5 to 12 years.

Malefactors are detained as article 208 criminal procedure code and taken into custody for three days. The investigators are preparing a petition to the court for election of a measure of restraint in form of detention.

As reports a press-service gpsu, the conflict occurred due to the fact that the border guards detected the movement of goods through aircraft. The outfit, headed by the chief of the border service has recorded the flight of the quadcopter from the territory of Romania in Ukraine and the place of his landing in the territory of one of the houses.

“At this time, the officer ran up the three men and began stabbing him. One of the men shot the guard in the back from a traumatic weapons. With the aim of preventing a crime at the scene was caused by the police. The two attackers were detained, the identity of the third set. Also seized a traumatic gun that probably shot the border guard”, – stated in the message.

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