In the Transcarpathian region was found hanged the former leader of the Pro scouts Galician Rus

В Закарпатской области нашли повешенным экс-руководителя пророссийской организации скаутов Галицкая Русь

In Lazeshchyna village of Rakhiv district, Transcarpathian region found hanged former leader of the Pro-Russian organization of scouts “Galician Rus” Kirill Arbatov. This was stated by the correspondent of the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

Citing police data, she noted that the incident occurred on 4 August.

“40-year-old man was found hanged his neighbour, he called the police. It is known that the body is now at the examination,” she said.

At the moment the police opened criminal proceedings under article 155 (“Suicide”).

“If the investigators will find other causes, the article can be re-evaluated. It is known that in the past, the man in charge of the organization of the “Galician Rus”, she was doing what was restored Soviet monuments and cemeteries of the First world war. In recent years, the man departed from this activity”, – said the correspondent.

According to media reports, Arbatov has long worked with the Russian Consulate in Lviv, as well as with their scouts from “Galich” was engaged in repair of Soviet monuments in Lviv.

In particular, the graves of scout Nikolai Kuznetsov, and hero of the Soviet Union, Alexander Marchenko, the monument “Grieving mother Motherland” monument to soldiers who died during the First world war and the mass graves of the Soviet tank – crew of tank T-34-76.

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