In the U.S. air force complained about the invisibility of Russian fighters

Representatives Military-air forces of the United States of America pointed out unpleasant feature of Russian fighters, whose activities are extremely difficult to track. In the US air force said that in Syria during night time is very hard to detect fighter jets, Russian Federation.


Colonel of the U.S. air force in an interview with Aviation Week said that type of fighter used by the United States in Syria does not allow to determine their position. According to him, in the hostilities in Syria, the Americans use the F-22 did not have a sufficient number of sensors to determine the exact location of the Russian jets. He noticed that particularly in the night time American pilots have to turn his head in order to understand where the Russian pilots.

The Colonel also noted that the F-35 relating to the fifth generation, have the potential to detect all aircraft in the surrounding airspace, however, in special operations in Syria are precisely the F-22, in which pilots have to notify third-party aircraft on the radio.