In the U.S. Senate introduced a bill with new sanctions against Russia

В Сенате США представили законопроект с новыми санкциями против России

A bipartisan group of U.S. senators today, Thursday 2 August, introduced a bill that includes a new package of sanctions against Russia. About it reports Reuters.

Reportedly, the senators who developed the bill is considered insufficient sanctions.

“The current sanctions regime has not deterred Russia from interfering in the upcoming midterm elections in 2018”, – said the representative of a group of authors, a Senator from the Republican party Lindsey Graham.

“Our goal is to change the status quo and apply a crushing sanctions against Putin’s Russia until, until it will not cease to interfere in the electoral process in the United States, will stop cyber attacks against the infrastructure of the United States will leave Ukraine and cease to create chaos in Syria,” he said.

Earlier, the US Deputy Secretary of state on energy resources Francis Fannon said that Washington may impose sanctions against German companies for the construction of “Nord stream – 2”.

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