In the UK a man became gay after taking some pills for the pain

In Louth Lincolnshire (UK) 21-year-old man being gay by the doctor. Physician patients receiving pain pills, which had an unexpected side effect.

In the UK a man became a devotee of relationships with men after a bad doctor’s prescription. The fact that the 21-year-old resident of the County of Lincolnshire has appealed for help to minimize pain from the broken leg. Prescription medication had an effect of interest to men. According to the man, he did not expect the emergence of new thinking and new behavior after taking the pills.

To explain the phenomenon of change of orientation of his patient, the doctor can’t, he just shrugged and said that such cases are one in a million.

By the way, in the hospital, the pensioner, the scammer offered to buy the miracle medicine that is supposed to cure nonexistent illnesses. Paid for the drug, the woman more than 1 million virtually any. Against the “doctor” opened a criminal case.