In the United States found a toad that lives on without a head

В США нашли жабу, которая продолжает жить без головы

Graduate student Jill Fleming, who works at the University of Massachusetts, in the woods of Connecticut, noticed a strange creature: a frog without a head. It is worth noting that the creature was moving.

Post attracted enough attention as ordinary people and journalists. The video shows a live toad has a head some stump where there is a small hole, apparently, were before that mouth.

Netizens suggested that the head had been eaten by rats or larvae. The latter, incidentally, can eat only flesh. To such belong the parasite larvae of the flies: insects can lay their eggs directly on the body of frogs and other creatures.

Fleming also sure that the toad was born healthy (no mutations). Most likely, the head just ate. It is noteworthy that the amphibian has survived without parts of the brain. However, such “vitality” of animals has long been known to scientists.