In the United States found fake cosmetics with feces and bacteria

Outlets In Los Angeles customers found fake cosmetics with feces and dangerous bacteria that cause rash and irritation on the skin.

After numerous complaints of buyers, the US police started checking. During the investigation, law enforcement officers amazing 21 stores in the fashion district of Los Angeles, where cosmetics seized more than $ 700,000, and found a fake product containing the feces of animals and many bacteria.

Mark rein, captain of police, said that criminals mixed with feces products made in the garage or the bathroom. In his Twitter he said that it is not always good price is a guarantee of the best quality.

Some of the brands subjected to falsification, proved to be a popular brand Cosmetics Kylie by Kylie Jenner, MAC, NARS and Urban Decay. And packing fake tawara was identical to this.

Police arrested the owners of the 6 stores. The rest of The shopkeepers, the court officially banned the trading activities.