In the United States sentenced to death a drug dealer a few years seeking implementation of the verdict

В США приговоренный к смерти наркоторговец несколько лет добивается осуществления приговора

In the United States sentenced to death a drug dealer a few years seeking implementation of the verdict
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The main problem faced by how to get deadly drugs.

Inmate Scott Dozier unsuccessfully for several years to ensure that the US government has set in motion his death sentence. This writes the “jellyfish” with reference to the edition of The Marshall Project about the American justice system.

The man who earned money by selling methamphetamine and its landscapes, was sentenced to death on charges of murdering two drug dealers in 2002. American held in a prison for death row more than 10 years, he has tried to kill herself by taking an overdose of antidepressants, but two weeks was in a coma.

After an unsuccessful attempt to escape from life Scott Dozier decided to abandon the appeals on his case and asked to execute it.

I don’t want to die. But better death than this, – said the prisoner.

According to statistics, sentenced to death in the United States the average wait for execution of sentence of 15 years and a half, in many States, death sentences in recent years have symbolic value and are not enforced.

The last execution in Nevada, where he is serving the punishment the hero of the publication took place more than ten years ago, in April 2006. The main problem faced by the state government to get deadly drugs. Pharmaceutical companies are reluctant to sell their expensive products, so the government wanted to use fentanyl – a synthetic opioid that is in its effect on the human body is 50 – 100 times greater than heroin.

In July Dosiere was summoned to court and asked not bother him if that penalty can be painful, the authorities feared that if the trial application something goes wrong, it will violate the Constitution, which prohibits cruel punishment. In the end, the day before the scheduled date, the judge decided that the paralytic drug fentanyl can not be a part of the injection, and therefore, the penalty should be postponed.