In the United States will hold a referendum on the California section

В США проведут референдум по разделу Калифорнии

Who benefits from such an initiative?

In November, California will hold a referendum on splitting the state into three new.

It is reported by The Sacramento Bee, reports

According to the authorities the 31st state of the United States, the initiative was proposed and sponsored by American venture capitalist Timothy Draper of Silicon valley.

California should be divided into three States: California, Northern California and southern California.

Part of Northern California will be San Francisco and Sacramento, in southern California will include San Diego, Fresno, Kern and orange. California will include Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Ventura.

Despite the success of the initiative for collection of signatures, the survey shows that 72% of state residents will vote against the division of California, while to support the initiative ready only 17%.

In addition, even if the initiative will be able to gain a majority of votes, it will need to approve in the Assembly of the government of California and in the U.S. Congress.

Ukrainian political consultant Dmitry Dzhangirov said that a similar initiative in electoral terms favorable to the Republicans.

“Although California is pure “blue” (democratic) state, but conditional Northern California can be a “purple” (disputed between Democrats and Republicans) with good chances of obtaining an electoral College in favor of Republican Presidential candidate,” wrote Dzhangirov on his page in Facebook.

В США проведут референдум по разделу Калифорнии