In the Urals verified data about the attempt of a schoolgirl to flush baby down the toilet

In the southern part of Chelyabinsk region, Troitsk police verifies the information concerning the attempt of a schoolgirl to flush her newborn baby. Such an act she decided to take the advice of my boyfriend.


Law enforcement authorities in Chelyabinsk region are investigating the incident in which a young mother could inflict significant damage to her newborn child. According to data published in some local media, a 15-year-old girl gave birth in the toilet, and her boyfriend advised me to get rid of the baby very unconventional way to flush it in the toilet. During the alleged incident the girl was visiting her boyfriend 18 years in the hostel.

It should be noted that on hearing the cries of a child, on the scene came the mother of her boyfriend, which took away the baby and caused law enforcement along with the ambulance. According to preliminary data, the incident occurred on Tuesday, December 5. I taken to hospital child health workers was diagnosed with hypothermia.